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Man! Horse was so killer at Cheers on March 14,  2015. Those guys just tore my head off and punted my guts about 300 yards. Zeth has really settled in to his place in this band and he and Doug just have the goods. Donnie was on fire, took my punted guts and drop kicked them another 500 yards. Uncle Nasty really sounded great too, I think he sounds better than ever and Horse just keeps improving every time I see them. I can't wait for the 3 kings show coming up. -Joe Bullet 3/25/2015

So Wes, the singer for puddle of Mudd gets busted the night of the show and caused a two hour delay for their performance. He jumped onto the luggage carousel at DIA and was taken into custody where it was determined that he had four felony warrants on his head. Ouch. After giving the promoters a heart attack they were finally able to get him out and picked him up to bring him to Casselmans for the show. They went on at almost 1am to a restless crowd that seemed to forgive them once the music started. Rock n Roll is a rebellious state of mind as has been proven through the ages by the likes of Jim Morrison, Sid Vicious, Ozzy and Nikki Sixx. Hard for me to lump this into that category but seems to be the idea. Although jumping onto a luggage carousel seemed a little more childish than rebellious it certainly may be remembered years from now as his onstage exposure moment and we were all there to witness it. The local bands Drug Under, Lola Black and of course Horse all put on a great show and conducted themselves professionally to represent the Denver original music scene in a way that we could all be proud of. Way to go guys. Look forward to the next event. - Joe Bullet 1/19/2015

Another season ends in disappointment for our Broncos. Oh well maybe next year will get another shot at the championship ring. Best of luck to John Fox and Jack Del Rio with their new jobs and hope we get Peyton back for the next season.

- Joe Bullet 1/16/2015

They are only Bananas if they don't get together and become the 800 lb gorilla Joe. There's still hope. That said. GO Broncos!

- Donnie Crisp 1/4/2015

The first thing worth bringing up in here is the disappointment in how many bands are not sharing links and promoting each other. When I talked to Donnie about it he was visibly bummed and he shook his head and said. "Yeah I don't get the non cooperation thing at all, back in the day we helped each other and the scene was amazing". He added that today has a lot of potential for being just as great but then he said the thing that blew me away and made the most sense of anything else I have heard about it. " It's simple man, together we are an 800 lb gorilla, divided we're bananas". That pretty much nails it! Attention Bananas!

- Joe Bullet 1/2/2015