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Ross Family Benefit

Thursday May 21st the Mile High Metal Community gathered to say goodbye to a dear friend and fellow shredder. Guitarist Tony Ross. An epic crowd gathered to pack the bar as the fans all shared story's tears and laughter remembering this legendary Colorado musician.  The fans and friends of Tony raised over 700 dollars for the Ross family to help with his funeral expenses. The money was presented to his mother by drummer and long time friend Mike Smith of Sideffect and she was very grateful to all the people who helped to raise the extra money.  The three bands Sideffect, Flood of Souls and Horse all gave stellar performances to a gracious crowd. Everyone involved has much to be proud of.

Horse~ Luna Sol~ Chingaso Show

Saturday June 13th at the Marquis Theater in LODO Denver, CO. will be the long awaited performance by three of Colorado's premier bands all under the same roof on the same stage, Thats right, Soda Jerk Presents... Horse, Luna Sol, and Chingaso. All three will be burning up the boards at the historic Marquis Theater for what promises to be one of the best shows of the summer. The show starts early and Horse is the opening band at 8PM so beat the crowd and show at 7PM doors. See ya there Hoofies!

Ross Family Benefit @ Hi-Dive

Thursday May 21 will be the next Horse show. A benefit for the family of long time friend Tony Ross, guitarist for Sideffect. Joining Horse will be Flood of Souls and Sideffect. Tony passed away days after the show was booked. All bands felt it should be a benefit to help his family with expenses. His funeral was on April 28th and was attended by many members of the Mile High Metal scene. It was really good to see such a good turnout for the service said Gregg Stone of Horse. I think Tony would have appreciated all the love and support. Hope to see a big turnout at the Benefit too as all funds go to the Ross family.  For more information got to...

Horse Live at Moxi Theater

Live Saturday May 2nd at the Moxi Theater in Greeley Colorado. Horse tearing up the Northlands for the first time in years. Hope to see the fans out in force for this one. Promises to be a great show...

Sideffect Guitarist Tony Ross

With great sadness the members of Horse said goodbye to an old friend on April 28th. Guitarist and songwriter for Denver's own Sideffect Tony Ross passed away in his home. His service was conducted at Cure D'ars Catholic Community Church in Denver and was attended by hundreds of friends and fans including all four members of Horse.  Tony was a long time member of Denver Colorado's hard rock and heavy metal scene as well as a beloved brother and friend of many in the local community. His long time friend and band mate Mike Smith gave a very heart warming and stirring eulogy for Tony which ended when he requested the guests of the service all raise their fist in Tony's honor which resulted in a loud cheer and everyone in the church raising their fist up enthusiastically to pay homage to a great musician and friend. He will be sorely missed by every member of the Mile High city music scene and Horse wishes to thank his family for including all the people from the music circles in his life celebration. Hail Tony. We love you man...

Horse at 3 Kings

The Boys are hitting 3 Kings Tavern again for what looks to be an unforgettable evening of metal mayhem for the local music fans of Denver, Colorado. Pairing up with long time friends Dread Neck, Tyfoid Mary and Rogue for the one show reunion of all the founding members with the exception of drummer Devon Kimskey who also did a stint with Horse back in 2010-2011. Donnie Crisp said this " Shame Devon couldn't make it, he will be missed". Horse and Rogue have a long history of doing shows together. From back at the turn of the century doing shows at the Sportsfield Rox to Cricket on the Hill. They also both rehearsed at the DAV on east Colfax for a while and singer Bill Terrell even sat in with the band when Uncle Nasty was in LA for the Grammy's and Comedian Jim Bruer used the band for his stand up act at the Gothic theater.  " I have done shows and been good Brothers with Bill Terrell since he first came to Denver back in the 90's" stated Donnie. " He is a friend and Brother of many years and I have so much respect and love for the guy, it will be so good to hit the stage once again on the same ticket". Be sure to get down to 3 Kings for the event of the century. Tickets are on sale through but you can just pay at the door because the price will not be more the day of the show. None of these bands want to charge more for being at the show on time. Dread Neck, Horse, Tyfoid Mary and Rogue. Whoa!

More details click here.

Another Blockbuster show @ Cheers

Now that was a great show! Luna Sol was epic, DreadNeck slick and punchy, RocKissity was rocka rolla and Horse was just as you expect, Mighty and tight as a wet square knot. From the first song "Bullets" off the classic "US Metal" album to the last song "2012 Overture" featured on the upcoming release, these guys just beat down the crowd mercilessly with an onslaught of music that was both polished and edgy. The crowd seemed to be in shock for most of the set. Eyes darting from member to member trying to take it all in. From the crushing Poly rhythms of Zeth Pedulla and thumping Bass of Doug Tackett to the blistering guitar work of Donnie Crisp and the furious belting of singer Gregg Stone better known as "Uncle Nasty", there was little room for break in the action. Dozens of cameras documenting the event all over facebook and twitter told the tale of an amazing metal band stampeding through a trampling set at the local watering hole known as @ Cheers in North Denver. Truly a pleasure to see these guys commanding the stage on any night but when they are on... Words don't do it justice. Everyone there was blown away by the band from Weedtown, Colorado we like to call the "Mighty Horse" -Joe Bullet

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Horse Videos Removed

You may have noticed most of Horse's videos have been pulled down from not only this web site but from Youtube as well. A company called IODA has slithered out of the cesspool of audio media and has been claiming false copyright ownership on many independent artists songs. They do this in order to put ads on the videos and collect or monetise them without paying the artist. Essentially they are stealing from hundreds of thousands of artist and the only way to know if they are doing it to you or a friend is to go into video manager on youtube and look at each song. You will see a false claim next to it. Whats worse is youtube is turning a blind eye to it either because they get a cut of the action or they are in fact IODA. Check out the video to the right that gives the gory details more thoroughly. As you may have noticed as well the video of "Walk" that the guys filmed while playing with Vinnie Paul of Pantera is still up. That's because the scum from IODA won't dare try and steal that song because it is a well known song from a reputable artist who the guys from Horse have the utmost "Respect" for. Horse has sent out the following press release. 

Thanks to our friends and fans for their patience and understanding. We will post our videos as soon as possible on our site. We are both shocked and disturbed by the recent events taking place on a particular social media site which will not be named by us again. Hail to the Hoofies! -Horse

Can of Casselmans 

1/17/2015 What an amazing show. Horse was in top form at Casselmans. From the first song to the last it was pure magic. They seem to be getting better every time they take the stage. Gregg Stone sported a three piece suit and Donnie clad in a psychedelic looking get up was a small part of what made them stand out.  Crushing guitar, booming bass, drums of thunder complimenting the creepy tone of Stone's voice just left one wondering in astonishment. This is a DJ's band? Far from it. This is a hellacious Metal Band. See for yourself don't take my word for it. They are worth the trouble. - Joe Bullet

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Horse joins Puddle of Mudd at Casselmans

1/7/2015 Horse will be taking the stage with old friends Puddle of Mudd. They have a history of playing Denver shows together. The Fillmore and Fiddlers Green for Mayhem Fest and this time will be at Casselmans in Lodo. Also on the bill is Lola Black and Drug Under another gang of long time friends for what will be a nice kick off for 2015 for the boys and their fans the Hoofies... Visit the show page for more information about the the gig details and be sure and return later for updates as well as new pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for info about Horses next recording projects. We do have T Shirts available at the shows as well as stickers. Hail Hoofies!!!

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PSA From Horse

Happy New Year Hoofies!


Uncle Nasty

For those who have not heard Gregg "Uncle Nasty" Stone is no longer with 107X and the station changed formats. He said two words about it when asked. "That's Life". Those of us who know Gregg well know that he is like a cat with 900 lives and will not only land on his feet again but will bounce back better than ever. We wish him and the members of Horse the best of luck in the future and can't wait to see them live soon. If you would like to leave him a comment or a well wishing you can click the link below and go back to the Home page where if you scroll down on the right just above the Store links and leave a comment it will automatically post to Horse's Facebook page. - Joe Bullet


PSA From Horse

Just a little public service announcement from the members and families of Horse to yours. Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and a Happy Solstice to each and every one of you. Have a Happy New Year too! Be safe, cheerful and healthy and much LOVE to you all...

Krampus Fest

Now that was an amazing show and if you missed it you really missed out on a great event. Horse would like to thank the members of Chingaso, Throttlebomb, and of course King Rat. Big shout out to the bands that played Hi Dive as well with special mention to our good friends in Iconocaust.  A huge thanks to Rev. Jim Norris and 3 Kings Tavern for hosting, Hi Dive and Mutiny Information Cafe for their part. The visual artists and costumes were spectacular and the event can only grow cooler from here. Every band brought the A game and knocked it out of the park. Most of all Horse would like to thank our friends and fans that support us and the great fans of the other bands too. A once in a lifetime opportunity for us and we were proud, happy and thrilled to be part of it. Check out the pictures in our gallery...


Colorado Krampus Fest 2014

The wait is almost over! Less than a week to go to experience the inaugural Krampus fest of 2014. The entertainers are all prepped and the stage is set for what will undoubtedly be the first of many great artistic celebrations to come. Jim Norris of 3 Kings Tavern is the Godfather of this states version of what began hundreds of years ago in Germany. A tribute in honor of Krampus, the anti- Santa. For Coloradans it will be an opportunity to take advantage of an alternative social gathering like no other to observe the Yuletide in an untraditional fashion. December 6, 2014 will go down in Colorado history as the day Denver joined in the international celebration of this remarkably unique event. Great music, art, visuals and other musings wil pepper south Broadway at 3 Kings Tavern, Hi- Dive lounge and Mutiny Information Cafe. Poster above lists all of the participating bands. Links below will take you to the  sites for each place and give you more information for set times and price. Do yourself a favor and do not miss this event. One day we can all say yep we were at the very first one.

3 Kings Tavern

Hi- Dive Lounge

Mutiny Information Cafe

Donnie and Wangs Amplification

Horse guitarist Donnie Crisp is now an endorsee for Wangs Amplification USA.  A company in China that makes amplifiers and effects has chosen him to endorse their products and Biyang effects. He will use them live onstage at Horse shows which he will be doing at the Krampus Fest at 3 Kings Tavern on December 6, 2014 for the first time. " I fell in love with the clean tone on my Wangs 100 watt head and decided to use it with my Marshall Plexi for enhancement of the mean tone and of course for clean tones exclusively". Pictured here this was a photo taken by Zeth Pedulla that after trying the Wangs they sent to Darren Kalish the head of Wangs Amplification USA. " Next thing we know we are receiving brochures from Wangs with this picture featured in the Wangs artist section and pictures of equipment expo's with 8 foot posters with Donnie on them" Zeth Pedulla claimed while chuckling.  " It was a big surprise and then Darren contacted us and said Mr. Wang wanted Donnie as an official Wangs artist". " They know me as Donnie Chee Wah" Donnie proudly states while smiling. " Another fluke based on my facebook page where I used the name as a play on Koni Chee Wah a Japanese greeting". Horse will be a great representation for the company from China as well as US Metal bands and will be entertaining the crowd December 6th with their products. Good luck to Horse and Donnie Chee Wah with the deal and be sure to get over to 3 Kings and see for yourself.

Wangs Amplification      HERE

PSA from Horse

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends, family, and fans from all of us at Horse central. We hope you all enjoy a very pleasant and safe holiday with your loved ones.

Freeza Block Show on Mile High Underground

Check out the guys tonight, Thursday November 20, 2014 on the Freeza Block Show on Mile High Underground radio. Click link below. Steve Valverde will be hosting his show between 5 and 7pm and will be interviewing the members of The Mighty Horse as well as playing some music from them and talking about the upcoming Krampus Fest show at 3 Kings Tavern on December 6, 2014. This will be Colorado's first annual event and will no doubt be the first of a long tradition of alternative yuletide celebrations to come. No doubt the first will be special with great entertainment at 3 amazing locations on South Broadway all a short stroll from one another. They will be encouraging fans to dress up in costumes as Krampus the anti Santa and doing so will grant participants free admission to the events. Those who don't dress up will be charged $8 for all three venues which will have the acts staggered to accommodate seeing all bands and artists or they can pay $5 to attend a single club of their choice. You really don't want to miss any of them and as you can see on the flyer to the left the lineup for the night speaks volumes to that. So be sure and tune in to the Freeza Block Show from 5-7pm tonight to hear Horse music and interview on Mile High Underground radio.

Click Here for access

Krampus Fest 2014

The inaugural event for Colorado Krampus Fest will take place on December 6th and the boys will be at the heart of this unique and memorable presentation. For those unfamiliar with Krampus. It is the anti- Santa, a legend that began in Germany as a story told to children of  Krampus, whose name is derived from the German word krampen, meaning claw, is said to be the son of Hel in Norse mythology. The legendary beast also shares characteristics with other scary, demonic creatures in Greek mythology, including satyrs and fauns Bearing horns, dark hair, and fangs, the anti-St. Nicholas comes with a chain and bells that he lashes about, along with a bundle of birch sticks meant to swat naughty children. He then hauls the bad kids down to the underworld where he beats them into being nice and not naughty. According to folklore, Krampus purportedly shows up in towns the night before December 6, known as Krampusnacht, or Krampus night. December 6 also happens to be Nikolaustag, or St, Nicholas day, when German children look outside their door to see if the boot or shoe they left the night before outside contained presents ( for good behavior) or a rod ( for bad). The modern version involves drunken people dressed as devils that take over the streets for a Krampuslauf, a Krampus run of sorts. Suppressed for many years by the Catholic church and World War 2 fascists, it has made a comeback thanks partly to the bah humbug attitude in pop culture, with people searching for ways to celebrate the Yuletide season in non traditional fashion. Featured earlier this year in an article in National Geographic about revitalizing pagan traditions. Bad Santa, meet Krampus: a half goat, half demon, horrific beast that literally beats people into behavioral rehabilitation. South Broadway will be the location of Colorado's 1st annual Krampus Fest this December 6th. 3 Kings Tavern, Hi- Dive lounge and Mutiny information cafe will host the event in a block party cooperative. Great live music by Chingaso, Throttle Bomb, Horse, King Rat, Engine Ear, Bronze, Cult of a Lost Cause and Iconocaust. Puppets, music, art and visuals. A one of a kind celebration that will truly be unforgettable. Don't miss this!  Dress up as Krampus and get in free. Click on the link below to get an idea of what kind of costumes we are talking about. Help make Colorado Krampus Fest the one the world talks about.

Krampus Costumes Here

Raven Eggs and Kegs 7th Halloween Bash

Horse once again thrilled the audience with a great performance. Zeth, Doug, Donnie and Gregg were in rare form for the Raven Eggs and Kegs 7th annual Halloween Bash at Hermans Hideaway in Denver. Joined by Red Xlll, Controlled Demise, Fist Fight, Iconocaust, and Conquer Everest they were dressed to kill and turned it up a notch when they hit the stage. Gregg in his Nasty Elvis costume looked as good as he sounded. It was pretty wild seeing Elvis and Buckethead on the same stage doing Hardcore Metal but they pulled it off with a classic flair only Horse could produce. Donnie was on fire more so than usual, he seemed at home in his alter ego rendition of Buckethead as he dazzled a group of onlooking guitarists and fans. Doug and Zeth were just spot on as expected. Doug with his flying blonde locks and his zombie Roaddawg look. Zeth was so powerful I even overheard people saying I didn't know Neil Peart was going to be here tonight. His costume looked more like a dead drummer and Keith Moon came to mind for obvious reasons. Not your average DJ band these guys are the real deal. If you are coming to a Horse show and expecting to see a typical satirical radio personality performing with a band of sub par musicians you are going to be pleasantly blown away. All original and very much a force to reckon with these Denver legends bring honesty and integrity to a brutally unique level. Great show Boys! - Joe Bullet  To view pictures...       Click Here


Maiden Voyage goes off!

The boys gave the fans exactly what they have been waiting for. The long wait ended Saturday night at 3 Kings Tavern in Denver and what a glorious spectacle it was. Gregg's voice has never sounded better and the band was sharp as a tack. Donnie Crisp was his usual dazzling self, and Doug Tackett dropped the boom skillfully as ever. Drummer Zeth Pedulla sounded like he has been in Horse all his life and judging from the crowd response the fans approve of the choice the founding members made in a new drummer. The night started with a duo from Germany called The Fever, Six Shooter pounded out a set and then it was Crobot's turn and they wowed the crowd with their energetic dirty rock and roll, then it was time for the mighty Horse and wrapping up the evening with a big bang was Luna Sol. All in all a fantastic night of local and national talent that kept the crowd happy and the room warm. Looks like we got our favorite metal band back! Go to the photo gallery to check out the pictures by clicking... Here

Just a few more days!

At long last the wait is over. Saturday is the day. 3 Kings is the place. There will be T-Shirts available at the show and we will finally get to see the guys live. Been a while since we had a good face melt courtesy of the MIGHTY HORSE! According to Zeth Pedulla, we can't wait to show the scene what we got. He went on to say this is the new Horse, we are very well rehearsed and I think it's going to be a killer show you won't want to miss. The new shirts are wicked cool and the new songs are all amazing. You heard it here first and the clock is ticking away. Get down to 3 Kings and bring friends to share this event of the summer. Six Shooter and Black Acid Devil will be great for sure and Luna Sol will undoubtedly tear up what is left of the stage after Horse burns it down. Get there early and support these awesome bands of Colorado and be sure to tell them Joe Bullet sent you for $5 admission. Hail Horse fans!

New Horse Shirts- HAIL HORSE!!!!! 

Designed by Josh Finley and printed at Phoenix Ink Shop by 

Wyl and Jessie Collins. These one of a kind shirts are available now at all Horse shows and will be available soon right here on this site through Paypal. Thank you for your patience. There are two separate designs. One features the pictured art work on the front and "Hail Horse" on the back. The other features the art on the back with modifications and on the front left breast will be the Horseshoe badge logo/ brand. Please check back soon for the grand opening of Horse's new online store. HAIL HORSE!

Preparation  Underway

The guys have been getting ready for the show at Three Kings September 13th and between rehearsals and meetings they have been working hard on this website and planning for new merchandising projects as well as the new CD.  Enlisting the talents of artist Joshua Finley who in Doug Tacketts words, "knocked it out of the park"  for a new T Shirt design. They will be printing them today at Phoenix Ink Shop with Wyl and Jessie Collins. They will be available at the show as well as stickers. They will also soon be available here on the Horse official web page. Besides being excited to unveil the new merchandise they are chomping at the bit to showcase new drummer Zeth Pedulla. It has been almost a year since Horse last performance so they are understandably enthusiastic to get back under way. Do yourself a favor and get down there to see this. Also on the bill is Six Shooter, Black Acid Devil and long time friends Luna Sol.

Horse Vocalist to undergo surgery on vocal chords
On Friday July 25, 2014 vocalist, front man Gregg Stone of Horse will have surgery on his vocal chords to repair mild damage. He will be recovering for the following two weeks and after that will be as good as new according to his Dr.’s.  He was not available for comment but guitarist Donnie Crisp was and had this to say. “Gregg is a tough guy. He is extremely healthy. We’re confident he’ll be fine and he was too when I spoke to him. He wants to assure everyone that it is a minor surgery to remove a blood blister on his vocal cord. He had nodules removed back in 08 so it’s not his first rodeo. It will be removed with a laser and he especially wanted me to tell everyone it is not cancerous or anything serious it is a very simple procedure. They need to remove it to prevent it from bursting and causing scar tissue. He was very upbeat and he is looking forward to the show at 3 Kings on September thirteenth. I think he is just going to be glad to get it behind him and get back to normal”. He went on to add that the guys in the band support him and are sending positive thoughts to him and his family. Long time followers of Horse will recall the band took a two year hiatus a few years ago to give Nasty the time he needed to recuperate from the surgery to remove his nodules. Hopefully everything will go well for him and we will have many more years to enjoy his radio broadcasts and his vocals with Horse.

Gregg “Uncle Nasty” Stone
Be sure and check out “The Gregg Stone Show” on 107X Denver radio. The long time Colorado icon lends his on air talents and one of a kind gritty voice to the new and improved 107X team with Wingnut and Geronimo among others to keep you informed, entertained and distracted from the daily grind. Check out their website to listen live or for concert or contest information. Good luck to Gregg with this new page in his brilliant broadcasting career.


Zeth Destroys Equipment
With one hammer smack Zeth blows out his bottom head. He won that argument.

Horse Musician Union Campaign
Horse has embarked on a full on attempt to bring the bands of Denver together to try and help create a thriving music scene for the city and it’s musicians. “With the legalization of Marijuana taking hold it just makes sense that we should all get our acts together and create a killer scene in this town. I mean the two go together so well we would really miss an amazing opportunity if we don’t take advantage of it.”’ Says guitarist Donnie Crisp. “ Horse has been around a while so we feel an obligation to this great city to help the younger bands get this scene together the way the older guys did for us when we were upstarts, there are throngs of people coming here from all over to experience legal cannabis products and they need to be entertained right? Let’s do this”. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and on this website for future articles and comments featuring members of Horse and other bands regarding discussion and action taking place to carry out this mission as well as educational tips and advice to new bands. Crisp adds, “We would love to influence a new generation of musicians and help to initiate a movement toward a music strip in Denver reminiscent of Hollywood, Austin, and others that have concentrated a section of the city or a network of clubs that cater to great bands and entertainment.” “From north Denver to LODO to SOBO we can do something that would be around for years to come and be something we can all be proud of and we can all benefit from.” Donnie has kicked off this campaign with gig sharing on his social network sites as well as his working musician unity site better known as Colorado Creative Community. He wants people to go to his page and like it and leave him invites to your show so he can help you promote. Leading by example he has also made many comments and posts stressing the importance of a united front with Denver musicians. A thankless task at times but a noble gesture.

You can visit Donnie’s pages on Facebook for up to date information below.
Colorado Creative Community Facebook Page
Donnie Crisp- Guitarist for the Mighty HORSE

Colorado Krampus Festival
Horse will be announcing details of their plans to help launch a Krampus Festival for Colorado in December 2014, much like the one in Portland, Oregon and Germany where it originated. It will be spearheaded by Drummer Zeth Pedulla and will be something very out of the ordinary. Be sure and check back for more information about the location and sponsors taking part in this incredible event.

This is the idea we are going for. South Broadway Saturday December 6, 2014

New Drummer for Horse
April 2, 2014 Horse announced the results of two months of auditions for a new drummer had come to an end and they had decided on Zeth Pedulla to be the replacement for Rich Carlson. “We went through about twenty guys who were all good enough to be our drummer so it was a hard choice but when we saw Zeth we knew he was the guy to beat when it came to the final drummers we were looking at”. Donnie Crisp the bands guitarist went on to add that they are very pleased with the package that Zeth Pedulla brings to the band. When we talked to Zeth he was his normal positive upbeat self. “I was hanging out at one of my favorite watering holes and was talking to a friend telling her I had just left my previous band and Linda Johnson (wife of long time sound man of Horse Jeff Johnson) overheard our conversation. She said I should audition for Horse” He continued with the story telling us how it was intimidating and he wasn’t sure if he was up to it but that once he made the call and met the guys he was very enthusiastic. “ Me and the guitarist Donnie hit off right away, it was like we knew each other for years.” Horse will be debuting with Zeth Pedulla on September 13th at 3 Kings on 60 S. Broadway in Denver with friends Six Shooter, Black Acid Devil, and Luni~Sol. You don’t want to miss this one.

Horse Drummer Search
December 31, 2014 A statement from the members of Horse:
Just wanted to take a moment and thank all the fans of Horse for the support and love you have given us and to announce the departure of our good friend and drum phenom Rich Carlson. We want to wish Rich the best of luck with his book project as well as any other activities he takes on. It was a truly great experience writing and performing music with Rich and it will be very hard to replace him. We plan to carry on and will keep all our friends informed about our progress. Thank you and Happy New Year! -Horse