Meet Zeth

Personal Bio

Zeth Pedulla has been hammering down rhythmic foundations amid the Colorado music scene for over 20 years. His precise, hard hitting and versatile style began as a natural aptitude for cadence, and has been developed into a formidable set of skills by a man whose love for music is apparent at every whack of the snare drum. His presence behind the drum kit elicits the sort of clock-like meter, rock solid down beat and lightning fast fills that make watching him play live a true thrill for music fans. 

Zeth is also an accomplished guitarist and songwriter who uses his intuition for tone and dynamics to hang back on the beat, rev up the intensity and tempo and pound out the crescendo exactly when a song needs it. His passion for creating compelling music also translates to a zeal for booking and promoting live events, and he does so with the same passion he pours into his drumming.

Zeth's addition to the HORSE lineup presents his greatest outlet yet, as the compositions allow him to showcase his diverse skills at new levels of technicality and poly-rhythmic application. He looks to his background in rock and roll and his love for heavy metal and jazz to assimilate the tools required to express the music of HORSE at its maximum potential. Zeth is a force of nature to behold when he locks into "the zone" and becomes immersed in manifesting the loud, fierce, relentless musical pulse he is notorious for. Don't blink. There's a lot you will miss.